Friday, 3 June 2016

Why do the Liberals hate Intersex people ?

The problem with equal rights, acceptance, and the “me” generation 

Justin Trudeau made headlines again yesterday. In yet another example of the pandering we can expect from the Liberal government (who are so happy with themselves they must be smoking some of their supply) Mr. Trudeau announced he will proudly fly the pride flag on parliament hill in support of LGBTQ Canadians. While this seems like a supportive move (albeit while also obviously a pandering one) I have a couple problems. 

First, I take issue with the term equal. As no other sexuality has had their flag (do straight people have a flag? I kinda hope not…) fly, nor have the majority of minority groups, how is singling one group out as deserving of recognition equal ? It’s not, and its stupid to pretend it is, because equality in this sense doesn't exist. After all I, nor anyone else with a based opinion deny the suffering of communities of people who don’t share the homogenous qualities of society at the time through no choice of their own. People identifying as Gay, Lesbian and all the other terms have faced more persecution than those who don’t, this already bleeds the equality. What societies do to help these people is try to re do wrongs. Turn of the century police forces hired many immigrants, after several years prior denying them jobs. Universities were forced to hire people of colour through affirmative action to make up for excluding them systematically in the past. These actions by their explicit nature were not equal. They were meant to balance a relationship that was not equal. This basic principle is called equity - or the principal of being fair and impartial. So firstly, it’s stupid to say this move is to treat non straight Canadians as equal, it is by its singular nature not equal, it is attempting to be equitable by building up with special treatment, a group that was put down. Calling it equality is trying to make everyone feel better, but special treatment of a group,  is what is happening here, no matter how you call it equality. 

(One letter representing two groups?
hardly seems "equal")
My next problem is with the group itself. Well more accurately, i take issue with the “branding” of the group. When I first was in school the terminology we used was LGB, by the time i was graduating T (for trans!) had been added, to recognize the growing number of people born in the wrong gender. A few years later I saw people adding a Q to the acronym, at the time i was told this meant “Queer” which seemed redundant to me. After some recent research I found out it can also mean “questioning” for people who haven't made up their mind, and some acronyms include both (making it LGBTQQ). Ok so now we’re getting a little long, but even more recently while watching Veep they made a joke about not including “I” or intersex people into the acronym, which in my mind made the acronym now LGBTQQI , but apparently thats just stupid and what activists in the community prefer is LGBTI, oh no! Questioning people, and Queer people are now out in the cold. 

The point i’m trying to make here is that the acronym is becoming ridiculous. The reason people make abbreviations like acronyms in the first place is for ease of use, familiarity, and so forth. This is why organizations like NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) didn't keep adding letters every time a new continent became represented (for the record since Europe, The Middle East, and Eastern Europe are represented the acronym might be NAEMEEUTO if they tried to remain “equal”). Yes people might get offended, but its more important to forward to cause than it is to hold yourself back by being so internally divisive.  

This brings me to the title of this post and what I meant by it. By dropping the “I” from the acronym, PM Trudeau has sent the message that Intersex people aren’t included in this celebration. Or at least this is what I assume legions of easily offended people must be thinking. Ah, the “me” generation. When people hear about acceptance,they immediately think that their group, regardless of its size, age or any other metric, deserves to be on the same level as whatever other groups are considered “peers”

Image result for neckbeard comic
(One of only several stupid frames from a
very long comic)
Thats why you don’t have to search far to find individuals defending and arguing for recognition of their group.  Yeah thats a comic saying using the term “Neckbeard”  quote “Sends a message to autistic people that they’re unwelcome. Its ableist as hell!”  What ? Somehow because according to the research for this comic, neckbeard and autistic were both insults used to describe certain people, this conflates the two. Just because I call whoever wrote this comic a donkey-raping shit-eater, it does not imply the all those who rape donkeys also eat shit. I am saying that in this circumstances, to conflate the use of autism as an insult, with a separate insult that degrades someone for being fat lazy and unkept but isn't a actual medical disability means you must be the kind of sick fuck who both rapes donkeys and eats shit, but for what I assume are unrelated reasons. 

The “me” generation (also “social media generation” - for those not keeping track this is those born post generation “Y”) is insistent that every little ism important to a person, no matter how small, needs equal protection. That’s simply not true however. As our world as a whole becomes more and more accepting (Trudeau the first thought the pride flag was the flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast from what inside sources tell me) groups don’t need more and more protection, they need less. The more we recognize the same groups over and over who have suffered, the more this catches the ire of those who have not yet been recognized, or apologized to. To mover forward, and to be truly equitable to people would be to asses the struggle of groups today, give those still downtrodden the support they need to be at an equitable level as their countrymen. I don’t think PM Trudeau hates Intersex people, but I do think someone will say that in seriousness before this day is done.

Its because of this Liberal pandering I predict with great certainty, that much money and time will be wasted by this government, recognizing the recognized, apologizing to the apologized and generally confusing equity with equality. I predict with somewhat less certainty that Trudeau will apologize for forgetting Intersex, Twin Spirited, and Asexual people during yesterdays ceremony. 

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