Thursday, 23 June 2016

Funding the PM’s partner is not progressive

Spending taxpayer money to fund an office achieved by virtue of marriage is pretty dam regressive 

The idea of awarding someone sole control to hire employees, qualifying them to spend taxpayer money, simply because of their martial status, is simply put, ridiculous. Its 2016 after all, and who someone marries should not directly effect their employment. I certainly consider myself a feminist, though not a well qualified one, but I believe that using up a woman as a political tool, simply because she choose to marry someone reeks of patriarchy. Yes, I know, the PM’s partner could  be a man, but since that doesn’t seem immediately likely, I think  Giving them an entire office to hire and run again, simply because of their choice in partner, is something that if done in a private or crown corporation would be called nepotism. Creating such an office just so your spouse doesn’t have to pay out of pocket to support their fame, might be looked upon as embezzlement. 

Isn't fair and democratic supposed to be the theme for the Trudeau Liberals? After all the Liberals have called to reform the senate, Trudeau famously made Canada's upper house "non-partisan, and for years Justin and the Liberals campaigned against the lack of democracy in Canada's un-elected body. Why then are Justin Trudeau and The Liberals now fighting to create a well funded office, thats not based in any Canadian political convention making far more undemocratic than any current office on the Hill.

When Bill Clinton was running for President in 1992 he made many references to “his policy-minded lawyer minded wife”, by this point the office of the First Lady had long been established, if only unofficially. However most first ladies from the 80’s and 90’s had staffs upwards of twenty people. Tt was a given that whomever was married to Bill, would be in the political eye. Bill joked during election campaign that voters “would get two for the price of one”, implying his wife, experienced in politics would help with Presidential issues. Hilary moved her office to the West Wing as opposed to the more traditional East Wing, she was polled an unprecedented amount by varying american posters, giving plenty of data for her to work with. She used her position to continue a career in politics, that we are now in 2016, seeing the culmination of with her Presidential run. With name, or brand recognition such an important factor in modern politics, the fact that her name has been solidly in the press for more two decades. It would be wholly ignorant to say that her position as first lady did not help eventual career in politics, but on the flip side it would be unlikely any pollster could gauge exactly how much of an effect it had. None the less, my point should be obvious by now. 

By funding the PM’s partner - giving them an office, a press secretary, and all the other trappings of a politician, without any sort of election or due process, gives a person simply by the virtue of their marriage, a rather impressive platform to launch a political career from. It would also seem that their is some undeniable evidence to suggest that a transition from such position to politics is viable. 

We don’t need a funded first lady, not only that but its anti democratic, and possibly an attack on feminism (as I said, i’m not qualified to fully asses this) but it could be a taxpayer funded way to launch a political career. Two Trudeaus does not make a dynasty, but if we fund the first lady of Canada its possible, if not probable that Sophie may inherit the throne. If that happens we won’t just have a political dynasty on our hands, we’ll have a monarchy. 

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  1. Incredible that Canadian politics has shifted from important issues to the spouse of the PM. How could Justin Trudeau forget why he was elected and why did he join politics at all if his interest was in being a celebrity and flirting with his wife in public. Let him resign and take his parasite wife with him.