Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Liberals and the #SummerOfScandals

Its a slow news day

This summer has taught us all a lot abut politics. Oh wait, that was another summer. This summer has taught us that even during the slowest political news seasons, there is still a lot that can go wrong.

First we learned Justin Trudeau, has difficulty keeping his shirt on when he’s not in Ottawa. While this itself was received in good spirits, there is an inevitable comparison to be drawn with a politician who was endlessly mocked for doing the same.
Image result for putin trudeau shirtless
(Shirtless leader of Canada Trudeau)
(Shirtless leader of Russia Vladimir Putin) 
I have no doubt that shirtless selfies will do more to hurt Trudeau’s credibility in the long run, but at the time they happened, there wasn’t much else in the way of scandals, leaving Liberal supporters to pop boners unabated country wide.

That was quick to change however. ( The lack of scandal not the boners)

Shortly after we  found out two things about Minster of Health Jane Phillipot. Firstly that Jane is probably the epitome of Liberal entitlement - spending ludicrous amounts on a car service owned by a Liberal supporter who worked for her campaign. Secondly we learned that Jane can’t tell a car from a limousine as her story changed practically daily after the story broke.

After that we had Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna spending more than most spend on there wedding photographer with a $6000 budget line for photographs taken while she was representing Canada at the Paris climate change talks.

What began to emerge after that was even more crazy spending from Liberal bureaucrats in Pairs. It became revealed that three individuals spent a total of $12,000 on food over 16 days in paris. The worst offender being Max Guenette, a senior communications bureaucrat in McKenna's department. Over his time in Paris he spent some $4,599 for food alone. This works out to about $288 a day

So what’s the conclusion to all this? Well maybe its a slow time for political news, maybe the honeymoon with the Liberals is over.

I’d prefer to believe however, that this crop of Liberals is just as entitled as all those who came before them. That’s why I’m choosing to ignore the possibility or reasonable explanations, and instead dub this the #SummerOfScandals.

Lets get this trending people!

Edit : Someone pointed out to me that I completely forgot Hunter Tootoo being kicked out of Cabinet after boning one of his staffers sorry folks but its hard to keep track of all the scandals !

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